Online tributes to Ardalans that have passed away

Here’s a list of Ardalans that have passed away in the United States in the last few years according to

Abolfath Bani Ardalan 72 Los Angeles, CA

June 30, 1934 - April 12, 2007

Abolfath Ardalan 77 Vienna, VA

October 21, 1929 - August 31, 2007

Cirous Ardalan 63

November 5, 1940 - March 7, 2004

Farangis Ardalan 93 Mc Lean, VA

June 23, 1912 - August 8, 2005

Majid Ardalan 73 Sonoma, CA

September 30, 1929 - November 1, 2002

Masoumeh Ardalan 85 Santa Monica, CA

August 26, 1919 - February 24, 2005

Susan L. Ardalan 46

June 24, 1957 - May 17, 2004

If any of these loved ones are your family members you can go onto the website and become the “Historian” of their memory.


In loving memory of my grandfather Abolfath Ardalan

Dear Everyone,

I can’t believe this news. My heart feels like it is broken. As we all know Abol joon passed away last night. We created a little slideshow to remember him by.


Farewell Soraya: The Daughter of Kurdistan

Soraya SerajeddiniI woke up yesterday morning to hear the devastating news that a good friend of mine, the mother of my son’s closest friend, died unexpectedly at her home in Maryland. Soraya Serajeddini was a remarkable mother, devoted wife, and an internationally renowned Kurdish human rights activist. One day you will hear more about Soraya…

Put the Ardalan family on the map!

The unfortunate nature of life in America today means that we all live far away from each other. This “new site”: lets us add our name to the map and get a good picture of where we are all located. I’ve added my name to the map, add your name as well and let’s see what the map looks like after we’ve covered the map with Ardalans!

Put the Ardalan family on the map!

Ardalan Family Tree

The header image for this blog is a picture taken from our Family Tree. Mr. Foad Ardalan has made an updated English version of the Family Tree. You can see the Family Tree on his website.

Great job!

On-Line Guest Book

Please take a moment and post a brief thought at the on-line obituary for Mani Joone in the Washington Post. The obit will only remain on-line until September 10th. At that time we will order the site as a book that we will present to Pari joone. You can see what others have written by going to:

In Memory of a Matriarch — Farangis Davar Ardalan (1912-2005)

Farangis Ardalan After more than nine decades and a full life, my grandmother died peacefully yesterday in Arlington, Virginia. (more…)